Stikbot Pets Studio


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Create stop motion animation with this studio that includes a Strikbot person, a Strikbot pet, a phone stand to shoot stable shots with, and all the directions on how to build a stop animation video that you can upload onto your own youtube channel or share on Facebook.


1 Stikbot,

1 StrikBot pet,

1 tripod,

FREE App that you can put on your IOS or Android phone and the box transforms into a green screen background.

Use the app to stitch together a film and include music, sound effects, and cool backgrounds. Includes: 1x Stikbot 1x StikDog 1x Tripod Features The multi award winning StikBots have suction cup hands and feet which allows them to be posed in numerous different ways The StikBots limbs, torso and even neck can be positioned at multiple angles Use the green screen stage and app function to upload your own photos or use the images available in the app as the background to your movies Join the fun – film, pause and edit your StikBot movies then get sharing your creations online with #StikBot The studio comes with 1 Stikbot, 1 Stikbot pet and 1 tripod. This is a perfect pack for those who want to start animating!

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