So In To Him (110g Wax Melt)

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Our So In To Him soy wax melt is based on the Calvin Klein IN2U fragrance for men. A wonderful blend of earthy vetiver, refreshing pine and rich sandalwood brings this amazing masculine woody aroma to life. Handmade Soy Wax Melt Releases fragrance up to 100 hours Hand Poured in the UK Recyclable plastic container with lid Approx 110g How to use your Cosy Pod wax melts There are 2 popular methods; either cut your 110g soy wax melt into 6 equal pieces and use a smaller piece at a time, or simply scoop some wax out with a spoon. Keep remelting the wax until the scent is gone or until you fancy a change, at which point just soak up the used wax with a tissue and replace with another! Contains: CEDROL METHYL ETHER, ETHYL LINALOOL, LIMONENE, LINALOOL, LINALYL ACETATE, METHYLENEDIOXYPHENYL METHYLPROPANAL.

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