Ready2Robot Singles Surprise Series 1

SKU: 1DB-281-819



The only collectible series that lets you create, mix and match your own robots and compete against your friends in a robot battle in the Fightanium Arena. Unbox more robots, build your ultimate fighting machine and blast your way to the ultimate championship! The last remaining robot is showered with fame and applause! Ready2Robot combines the fun and excitement of surprise packages with custom designs. It's always a surprise what's in the package. You can build the ultimate mechbot, equipped with weapons and accessories. Create your robot, add your pilot from its slime capsule and win the battle! 19 different mechbots and pilots represent thousands of different combination options. Including batteries. - 5 secret compartments with 10+ layers full of surprises to unpack - 18 styles per wave + 1 golden ticket - Each figure has its own personality and is very detailed - Contents: 7 unique robot parts, 1 unique pilot and slime - In 1 up the 1000 capsules you will find a rare figure

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