POPAGANDA, Yucky Children Charmer Vinyl Figure 9″




Part of his Cereal Killers Series, Ron English produced this playful yet critical Yucky Children Charmer Vinyl Figure which measures 9 inches tall. The iconic Yucky Children Charmer character designed by Ron English is inspired by the playful character of the Pop Art Movement. This Ron English vinyl figure is a parody of the iconic cereal mascot “Lucky the Leprechaun” and it serves as a commentary on American consumerist culture, fattening up children on fatty fast food and sugary foods and drinks. Ron English’s unforgettable characters and illustrations are found anywhere from street art to museums, movies, books, and televisions, spreading his colorful POPaganda throughout our contemporary culture. POPaganda is the term used by Ron English to describe his signature style and images which merge high and low cultural contexts such as superheroes, ancient mythology, totems, and iconic art historical works to produce the unique characters found in his illustrations. Some of Ron English’s characters include MC Supersized, an obese fast-food mascot featured in the movie “Supersize Me”, or Abraham Obama a character that mixes the 16th and 44th United States presidents, thoroughly featured in media press publications during 2008 presidential elections. More details on Yucky Children Charmer Vinyl Figure 9″ – Ron English – Cereal Killers Series: Dimensions (Package): 12″ x 10″ x10″ inches (est) Weight: 5 lbs (est) Material: Vinyl Additional Features: 9″ tall figure includes articulated arms. Warning: This is not a toy. Ages: 18+

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