Official Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner

SKU: 21E-C31-D6C



Official Ghostbusters product Designed and engineered by Numskull Made from premium high quality plastic with intricate painted details. Airflow allows for smooth fragranced incense to disperse from the trap mimicking that a ghost has been caught inside. Hinged lid allows for easy access to the incense holder to aid in burning and cleaning. Place an incense cone in the metal heat resistant base and watch smoke come out as you trap ghost. Dimensions: 250mm (9.8 inches) length x 122mm (4.8 inches) width x 95mm (3.7 inches) depth. The ultimate Ghostbusters collectible! WARNING: Don’t hold the trap upright by the handle once the incense has been lit! IMPORTANT: ONLY USE ONE INCENSE CONE AT A TIME. BLOW OUT THE FLAME BEFORE PUTTING THE INCENSE CONE INTO THE INCENSE HOLDER. MAXIMUM BURN TIME OF 4HRS. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES COULD DAMAGE THE PRODUCT. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty darn hard to relax at home when there’s a ton of nasty ghosts lurking around! Now you can kill two birds with one stone with this official Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner, modelled after the iconic ghost trap seen in the films. Simply light an incense and place it in the incense cup inside and relax as fragrant incense smoke seeps out the trap doors smoothly.

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