Marvel Gallery DR Doom PVC Statue Walmart Exclusive

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A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s Victor Von doom vs. Prehistory in the newest Marvel Comic Gallery Diorama. The Fantastic Four foe stands on top of a pile of dinosaur skulls, his fists glowing as if preparing to take on even more giant reptiles. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this Walmart Exclusive statue features detailed sculpting, colorful paint applications and comes packaged in a full color window box. Sculpted by Alterton. Founded in 1999 by sister company Diamond Comic Distributors, Diamond Select Toys is a manufacturer of toys and collectibles for kids and adults of all ages. We work with 2-D and 3-D artists from around the world to develop collectibles in a diverse array of product categories including action figures, Minimates mini-figures, electronic vehicles, vinyl blanks, resin busts, statues and more. With partnerships like Disney, Universal, Sony, Lucasfilm and more, we’re truly “The Best of All Worlds.” THIS WORLD IS HIS TO RULE, AND HIS ALONE: This Diamond Select Marvel Dr. Doom Gallery Diorama is a great addition to your collection. PERFECT FOR DISPLAY: At 9 inches tall, this statue is the perfect size for display on your desk or shelf. EXQUISITE DETAIL: With a highly detailed sculpt and colorful paint applications, this statue brings Victor Von Doom to life. DESIGNED BY TALENTED ARTISTS: Diamond select works with talented artists from around the world. Sculpted by Alterton. MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high-quality PVC. BASED ON HIS CLASSIC APPEARANCE IN THE COMICS: This gallery statue replicates Doom’s appearances in the comics, wearing his iconic mask, armor, and green clothing. GREAT GIFT FOR ALL: Great gift for Fantastic Four fans, Marvel lovers, and pop culture enthusiasts alike. BROUGHT TO YOU BY DIAMOND SELECT TOYS: Check out our other statues, action figures, gallery dioramas and more.

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