Lekue Non Spill Pan Cover Green

SKU: 1A3-123-DF2



The ally of a clean kitchen - Lekue Non-Spill lid is an ingenious solution that is perfect when cooking rice, groats and pasta . An accessory for pots with a diameter of 14 to 18 cm (lid 22 cm) or for pots with a diameter of 18 to 24 cm (lid 27 cm), has been profiled in such a way as to let steam escape through specially designed openings . Thanks to this, the circulation of liquids in the cooked dish is preserved, and boiling liquid does not stain the oven . In addition, Lekue silicone lids do not make noise, they have a non-stick coating which makes them easier to keep clean and are more hygienic and can be used in the temperature range from -60 to 260 ° C.

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