Hot Toys Cosbaby Marvel Spider-Man Spirit Spider Suit

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Marvel's Spider-Man follows Peter Parker as he struggles to maintain a balance between his chaotic personal life and life as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. When the fate of millions of New Yorkers rests on his shoulders, Peter must rise up to become even greater to protect his city and the people he loves.

The bestselling video game, Marvel's Spider-Man, is not only one of the most charming and action-packed video games ever, it is the definitive Spider-Man experience for gamers. Players get to crawl in the shoes of Spider-Man as they explore New York and experience a new adventure, along the way collecting a variety of cool Spidey suits that were inspired by the wall-crawler's different outfits throughout his extensive comic book history.

For a brand new wave of Spider-Man Cosbaby figures, Hot Toys have followed suit to release 8 new figures showcasing these various unique outfits from Marvel's Spider-Man. Each figure stands between 8-11.5cm tall, and has been designed in a stylised Cosbaby form with a unique bobble-head function and capturing the beloved wall-crawler in one of his signature poses.

This Cosbaby 3.75 Inch Hot Toys Bobble-Head Figure features Spider-Man in his Negative Suit, complete with a magnetic function to stick him to various metallic objects around your home.

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