Harry Potter Slytherin House Slipper Socks

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Having your common room under The Great Lake doesn’t exactly scream “warm and cosy” to those outside of Slytherin house, but Slytherin’s are known to have a trick or two up their sleeves when it comes to staying warm and cosy during the winter months! Top of their list are these Slytherin slipper socks, proudly made in house colours and the easiest way to fight off the winter chill! It’s been known to get a little slippy in Slytherin’s common room, so we’ve added grip dots to help keep you on your feet during the in house dueling tournament! Fully knitted and complete with an embroidered house badge, these are sure to make the other Hogwarts houses green with envy! Faux furry lining because Slytherins are used to only the most luxurious items We’re not saying these are warmer than those Gryffindor ones, but… ;) One-size unisex item, length of sole from toe to heel 25cm

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