Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Slipper Socks

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Ravenclaw towers may be the most sought after common room at Hogwarts, giving the best views of the school and surrounding grounds, but being at a higher altitude, it does get colder than most of the other rooms in the castle. Ensuring your feet are warm is a good way to combat the cold and these house issue Ravenclaw slipper socks will provide the maximum amount of warmth, whilst being the pinnacle of stylish, the perfect combination! The Ravenclaw house colours of blue and grey go with everything, and these socks are no exception We’ve carefully calculated the exact amount of Grip dots needed to be thoroughly effective An easy way to combat the lack of underfloor heating whilst walking around the Ravenclaw common room You don’t need the brains of a Ravenclaw to know that the faux furry lining will do wonders for additional warmth! One-size unisex item, length of sole from toe to heel 25cm

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