Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Slipper Socks

SKU: 1120827



There’s some things magic can’t create, feelings of love, waking up to a snow day and how good your feet feel when they’re toasty warm in the cosiest slipper socks you can imagine! These house issue Hufflepuff slipper socks will give you those warm, fuzzy feels without having to utter a single spell. We’re not saying these will stop you being tracked by the house elves when sneaking snacks from the kitchen, but they definitely will help! Grip dots will help you keep your balance when running between halls in the common room All the best slipper socks are stripy, and these are in Hufflepuff yellow and grey, no less! Faux furry lining will ensure your feet have peak luxurious conditions at all times! One-size unisex item, length of sole from toe to heel 25cm

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