Funkoverse Back to the Future Strategy Game 2 Pack

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Get the new Funkoverse board games now! Funko Games Funkoverse Back To The Future Board Game Strategy Game Funkoverse functions like many other strategy board games. Every turn, each player can perform two actions with a single unit e.g. moving across the board or using any of the characters unique abilities. The powers are based on a cool down system, which means players will have to wait a few turns before they can use them again. It works like it would in a video game: the stronger the power, the longer the cool down. Since each unit is unique, players can mix and match franchises to figure out their favourite character and power combinations. Content: 2 exclusive Mini Funko Pop! Vinyl game figures, a double-sided game board, game cards, dice Official Funko product LANGUAGE: ENGLISH Combine your favourite characters and go head-to-head in four exciting game scenarios! Select your favourite heroes and have fun playing with your friends and family!

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