Extra Large Self Cooling Gel Mat For Dogs Designed To Fit 42" Extra Large Dog Crate

SKU: 84D-D80-6D2



Keep your pet from over heating with this Ellie-Bo Cool Mat. No Electricity, no batteries no refridgeration required. Once activated by weight or movement the cooling gel inside the mat will keep the surface 4 to 5 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. Altough the mat and its contents are non toxic this mat is not recommended for dogs who have a habit of chewing. Please refer to manufacturers description below for further information. X-Large/1017mm x 682mm designed to fit perfectly into an Ellie-Bo 42 inch extra large dog crate but can of course be used stand alone Cool to the touch and self charging__ no electricity required. Uses a non-toxic gel formula to absorb body heat and provide 3-4 hours of cooling comfort. Made with pet-safe non-toxic gel encased in a soft sponge for extra comfort. Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Perfect for your pet whenever and wherever they are struggling with the heat

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