Eaglemoss DC Comics Batman Automobilia No.13 Detective Comics #601 Batmobile With Magazine

SKU: 53E-B7A-CD0



With Batman Automobilia Part 13 from the Batman Automobilia Collection, this futuristic Batmobile from Detective Comics #601 is the design driven by both Bruce Wayne and Jean-Paul Valley through the unforgettable Knightfall saga. This fantastic Batmobile from the Detective Comics #601 was one of the most advanced versions of the famous car. It was a high-performance vehicle capable of amazing bursts of speed and filled with high-tech accessories to help Batman’s fight against crime. This Batmobile comes with the iconic bat symbol, scratch resistant paint, rear cameras and fin stabilisers. This incredible 1:43 scale Batmobile comes in an exclusive 3D cutaway of the Batmobile, travels back to Batman's blockbuster year of 1989 with Tim Burton's epic movie, a 50th anniversary to celebrate and a distinctive new set of wheels, in stunning cutaway and schematic detail.

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