Dungeons and Dragons D20 Light V2




Add some soothing geeky ambience to your tabletop games Gently cycles through a whole spectrum of different colours A nice and subtle way of displaying your love for D&D Made from BDP, eco-friendly plastic that breaks down at the end of its life Officially Licensed Dungeons and Dragons merch You can be the most captivating storyteller, your character can be endowed with the most incredible set of skills, and your party can dream up the most elaborate battle plan – it's the mighty dice of Dungeons and Dragons that wield all the power. Your destiny is in their hands... and yet also in your hands... because they're dice. Anyway. Let this colour-changing Dungeons and Dragons D20 Light illuminate your fate, adding a soft and moody ambience to all of your tabletop adventures. It's USB-powered and made from eco-friendly plastic that breaks down at the end of its life so you can keep the real world as litter-free as your D&D one. For huge, pivotal campaign moments you could always unplug the lamp and roll it as an actual D20 for dramatic effect!

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