Candylocks Scented Doll Asst

SKU: 2C2-DEA-265



EASY-TO-STYLE COTTON CANDY HAIR: The unique texture of Candylocks’ cotton candy-inspired hair makes it easy to style It holds its shape and doesn’t come apart Create braids, buns, twists and ponytails – the hairstyle possibilities are endless SURPRISE SCENTED COLLECTIBLE DOLL: With 15 inches of super-soft cotton candy-inspired hair, every Candylocks doll is a hidden surprise, wrapped inside her hair Unravel her hair to reveal your delightfully scented Candylocks doll 6 SURPRISE HAIR ACCESSORIES: Inside the whimsical cotton candy cone packaging, discover 6 surprise Candylocks hair accessories Customise her hairstyle with 3 hair gems, a hair twirler and 2 hair pin accessories that match the doll’s theme Candylocks are scented collectible dolls and make a great gift for kids aged 5 and up Every Candylocks is full of surprises Unravel her cotton candy hair and discover who’s inside Includes: 1 Candylocks Doll, 6 Surprise Accessories, 1 Collector Poster This item is picked at random from an assortment of models, which may differ from those shown

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