Baphoboo Baphomet Figurine 30cm (Large)

SKU: B5905V2



Large Baphoboo Cult Cutie Occult Figurine as Gothic Deco & Gift Our large Baphoboo Baphomet figurine will enchant you! Her big jet black eyes look at you intensely. You can feel the occultism emanating from this fantastically designed gothic deco figurine. Your dark soul immediately feels connected to our little Baphi, who represents the connection between good and evil, man and beast. Thus, the cult figure is not only a beautiful decorative accessory for your crypt, but also a great idea for a gift item. The legs of the cross-legged squatting Baphoboo Baphomet figure end in cloven hooves, with the staff of Asclepius protruding from the crotch. The right arm is raised in a magical blessing and the word SOLVE is written on the forearm. The triple-horned goat's head stares directly ahead, while its wings stretch out behind it. The occult sculpture is cast from high quality polyresin and hand painted.

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