Awesome Bloss'ems

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Plant a seed and grow your very own doll with awesome blossoms: the fierce, floral, collectible dolls! You’ll find everything you need to bring your surprise awesome doll to life When you open the decorative flowerpot: an awesome bloss’ems seed, sparkle soil and a leaf watering spoon! Each awesome bloss’ems doll wears a fabulous, detailed outfit with a beautiful Blossom on her head that smells sweet like flowers! Place the colourful seed into the pot and cover It with the sparkle soil. Make a wish and add about 5 leaf spoons of water, then watch as your doll starts to sprout from the soil — the flower on her head will hint at which character is blooming! With 26 awesome blossoms to collect from five Different themes, You can collect Rares, super Rares or even an ultra-rare doll with a real Diamond tiara! Once your doll has fully bloomed, pick her out of the pot like a real flower and pose her to sit in the leaf spoon — it doubles as a leaf hammock when you place it on the lid! Set up a terrarium on top of the lid and decorate it with the colourful chip art, then cover It with the glittery dome to display your doll! With awesome bloss’ems, who will you grow?

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